We believe that there are understandable reasons for the social unrest we are currently having.

We also believe that the underlying reasons for our current state of affairs are due to many factors of social factions that seek their own independent advantages.  Our understanding of these social dynamics and psychology, regarding these independent factions reinforce each other without the necessity of a central controlling element.  Such social conditions that we have now then may be summed up with a common theme.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend.  These, we use the term – ‘social factions’, coexist and reinforce each other by this simple theme.

What we propose here are practical remedies to our current situation.
Indeed there are courses of action we can take to steer our success if we come to understand the relevant underlying mechanisms of these ‘social factions’.
I hope this much simplified opening remark is read and opens a more expansive dialog with relevant parties that we are addressing now.

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