Our general policies relating to others that are not members of our Foundation follow.

  • We do not initiate violence.

  • We seek to understand your social systems.

  • We do not desire to control your social systems.

In regards to our own interests…

  • We regard governmental organizations as a necessary device that must be thoroughly controlled in its scope and authority.
  • Freedom for the individual along with their own personal, intellectual development are paramount with us.

There is probably no reason for the vast majority of visitors to this site to linger.

On our site, no Gods or Kings or Ruling Class can command us.

Most will find no solace or support for their tribal mantras and blind dogmas here.

Your education and attitudes are mostly not of your selection but coerced unwittingly, or perhaps not, by others all through your life.

Occasionally some sentience may spark in you some desire for reasoned thinking and we will be here.

To continue in your visit here, you may be seeking to include some objective history and analysis for yourself.  If that is the case then you are welcome.

We exist as a separate and independent collection of individuals that are dedicated with our own concerns.

There is room enough among the many societies chaos and behavior for us to exist below their notice.

Indeed, it is their other crippled operations that provides us the motivation to succeed within our own environment.