The Foundation is a culmination of ongoing efforts to provide a haven for those that seek a social group which ensures their personal freedoms.

We have built upon proven positive concepts in philosophies along with additionally evolved constructs to reforge them into our own social structure of the Foundation.

This page begins the further explorations and explanations of the Foundation.

The Foundation is a distinctly independent social organization.

Its members are individuals that have chosen to augment their social efforts with a society of people that share a base of values that are uniquely defined in exception to those herds in existing stagnant social constructs.

One reason that this is now being offered to a specifically discerning public is the belief that there exists a critical mass of certain people that have become increasingly disenfranchised by their own political and religious-moral systems that are looking for solutions.

An assumption can be considered that a critical mass of conditions must be present to provide sufficient force to pursue social change on the scale presented here.

An individual will not actively seek such alternative courses of social cooperation until motivated to do so by either external social forces or internal drives.

The external forces that conspire for change are a direct reflection of their governments failed duty to represent their constituents and as appointed officials mutate to become other than the servants of the people.

Additionally, religious-moral frameworks have typically only provided a method of tribe security while supporting yet another layer of self-proscribed leadership to control their metaphysical irrationalizations.

Those individuals, that are internally driven, realize that stagnation in ones understanding of past methods of social operations should be reassessed when presented with well founded alternatives.

Up to this point many have not considered that there already might be in existence improved technological, educational and philosophical degrees of information that provides for alternative systems of social organization.

While an argument for events that cause a critical mass in social change may be compelling in standard extrapolations of thought there also exists evolutions in reasoning that develop opportunities by themselves to replace such antiquated formulas.

The Foundation has, we believe, evolved sufficiently in its philosophical province to begin to codify itself.

On this point, we now undertake to present our own principles of the Foundation and encorage those of strong mind to undertake its development.