We regard “The Federalist Papers” as  a blueprint for the moral framework that unify and define our own Foundation.  These collection of papers were originally published from October 1787 through August 1788 to provide the arguments relating to the formation of the United States.

Building upon that proven framework of social insight we are now set to reforge their content for our own use.  Guided by our historical hindsight and continuously developing understanding we clarify and amplify these original documents.

While the original writers of these documents are long past us, we present here a distillation for our own use.

We begin – 

Foundation – No. 1

We take up now the labor to deliberate and construct a new framework for our social well being.   Having suffered prolonged evidence though experience of the unequivocal inefficiencies of current governments.

The time has come to a critical point for us to break from the mold of prior social mistakes and create our own framework for government.

We believe that we are capable in our moral code and reasoning to engineer a better government.

Patriotism in our developed government creates a new course for all those that seek a better freedom for themselves.

So it is our decision to develop our own way of government based on our faculties of reason to transcend past mistakes.

We understand that those with their power will try to stop us in the hope to retain their own control over us.

Their methods of attacks on us will be varied to attack us internally and individually.  They will generate intolerance from their current population they control. Their opposition to our endeavor may be motivated by their believed good intentions as well as their intolerance to losing their control.

We must stay strong in our convictions to stay focused on the path of reason and be true to our Philosophy.


Foundation – No. 2

Once you have come to understand the scope of the social structure problem you will become motivated to participate in its resolution.

It is certain that a government is indispensable.  It must then also be given certain powers of operation that can objectively be used.  The division of authority and their powers are critical in the design of a central government local states.

There is a philosophical fight for control in a centralized government and local societies.
Only truth, reason and sound social/philosophical policy should dictate the delineation of government responsibilities.

It is assumed that there exists a core of responsibilities that should only be carried out at each level and facet of government.  This will ensure the balance of power with these checks and balances in effect.


Foundation – No. 3

Given the proper arguments and an individuals well established ability to use reason, people will gravitate towards a practical design of government.

The main attention of a free people is to direct their attention to their Safety.   It has many attributes that must be defined precisely and comprehensively so as to not encroach on our peoples freedom.

Safety, as considered here, is in regards to war.

Wars are caused by reasons real or pretended and violations of treaties.

A central government can provide uniformity in its execution of treaties.

A central government is not prone to divided attempts in advantages regarding treaties.  A treaty must benefit the united.

Foundation – No. 4


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