What we present here is a developing framework of social contract that is for the benefit of each individual that desires to participate in this activity.  

It builds upon prior philosophical sociological constructs and also modifies by addition, deletions and/or clarifications their basic tenants.

We present here our work in progress that provides a method to succeed in their own life, liberties and pursuit of happiness.

The principles of our activities are constructed for use internally for our members with the understanding that other peoples, not of our mindset, may not share our similar reasonable values.

It is with this ‘darkstate’ or otherwise poorly termed termed ‘silent majority’ that we will cooperate internally with each other. 

We also understand that the operational concept of a ‘silent majority’ has not been a successful scheme of operation in that the majority, in our empirical judgement, has not either been provided the proper framework of inter-social tools and sociological understanding to operate in a positive state of development.

Our Organization may be reached at the following e-mail address.