It is our Policy to ensure that all information discussed here is clearly to be covered with the understanding of our Freedom of Speech.

– Many writers have expressed in detail their theories and issues with social institutions. Many are offered as serious writings into the field while other writers have offered fictional stories that explore the fabric of humanities interactions. Both types of writers have laid out some of the most revealing concepts for us to learn from and experiment with.

– Much of the framework exists for a more stable and better working society.  It is only in the clarification of past writings along with the additions of more specific rules that may enable us to succeed in the formation of our Foundation.

– Those types of individuals that are noted for their intelligence and are predisposed to a strong sense of independence are naturally hesitant regarding another set of solutions to social systems.  To this end we provide clear reasoning and stable rules to predict positive outcomes for your understanding.

– Our current efforts are to collectively participate in building our Foundation.  We will incorporate those articles of genius we have learned from the history of the past, understand the complexities of the present and extrapolate for contingencies in the future.