There exist some prophetic writings that each contain separate elements of what we are compiling here into a developing framework for our use as a social contract.

What comes to mind are the cornerstones of liberty in many American documents. 

  • The Declaration of Independence
  • The Constitution
  • The Bill Of Rights
  • The Federalist Papers

Current writers that seek to amend issues we are having come from the writings of Mr. Mark Levin in his presentation of – The Liberty Amendments.

There are also other writers that have approached larger schemes of addressing social behavior principles.  Ayn Rand in her book ‘Atlas Shrugged’ and in another fictional scenario, Isaac Asimov wrote an anthology called ‘The Foundation Trilogy’; were two such persons.

With this basis of these writing we call attention to their strengths and weaknesses.  Each in its own regard provide insight and solutions to their intended use.  On the other hand, some of the original writings have become archaic in their interpretation and incompleteness by the fictional authors in their full functionality.

What we believe is necessary now is a more well grounded terminology that resists an ambiguous understanding of the intentions necessarily expressed.  

There must also be additional provisions and modifications in our rules for our social structure to prevent the chaos we now face.

The American founding documents provide our most relevant scheme to work with.

The ‘Liberty Amendments’ exemplify the need for rules changes that must be implemented.

Ayn Rand provided a basis for understanding the underlying moral corruptions that inhabit governmental systems; along with an individuals drive to support such a corrupted system.

Isaac Asimov in his ‘Foundation Trilogy’ series finally gave us as an example a glimmer of hope that some manner of objective analysis may eventually provide us with methods to correct our sociological directions.

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